The Qatari Businesswomen Association and the Spouses of the Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Qatar (SOHOM) organize an awareness session to raise the level of health awareness of breast cancer.

The Qatari Businesswomen Association and the Group of spouses of the Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Qatar (SOHOM), in cooperation with the Qatar Cancer Society, organized a breast cancer awareness session on the occasion of the International Breast Cancer Awareness month, with the participation of a group of elite women in the State of Qatar, under the sponsorship and hospitality of the Diplomatic Club, with the aim of raising the level of health awareness about the factors leading to cancer and the importance of early detection in improving the chances of recovery.

The session was attended by Ms. Aisha Al-Fardan, Vice President of the Qatari Businesswomen Association. From QBWA Board Members, Mrs. Awatef Al Dafaa, Mrs. Natra Saeed and Mrs. Mishael Al Ansari. Also, Mrs. Raeda Abu Issa, Mrs. Mashael Al-Derham, Dr.Somaya Al-Rashid, Mrs. Jamila Mohammed, Mrs. Najla Al-Shafei, Mrs. Noof Al-Abdullah, Mrs. Tafida Younes, Dr. Tahani Saker, Mrs. Halima Al-Azkawi, Mrs. Natalia Mena, Mrs. Palma Libotte, Mrs. Diana Monis, in addition to Mrs. Jiskala Khalayli, the Executive Director of QBWA.

The event was also honored with the presence of H.E. Mrs. Belen Alfaro, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to Qatar, H.E. Mrs. Eleni Michalopoulou, Ambassador of the Republic of Greece, and Mrs. Anika Musa, Spouse of the South African Ambassador to Qatar and the President of SOHOM, and from the Qatar Cancer Society, Mrs. Mona Ashkanani the General Manager and Mrs. Huda AL Yafei – Director of Program Management and Mrs. Mariam Al Zeyara – Head of Business Development and Donations.

Mrs. Awatef Al-Dafaa started the meeting with a welcoming speech in which she thanked Qatar Cancer Society for its efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer, the ways to prevent it, the importance of conducting periodic examinations and following healthy lifestyles to fight it. Highlighting that this awareness session comes within the framework of the social responsibility of the Qatari Businesswomen Association and its belief in the importance of Preserving women’s health and their role in protecting their family and society, working to prevent cancer and mitigate its effects in Qatar, within the framework of the Qatar National Vision 2030, “Our future is in our health,” which aims at building a comprehensive healthcare system, that meets the best international standards, and developing an integrated health center that provides an improved level of health and care services and provides the highest standards of health care. Ms. Awatef concluded her speech by thanking the Diplomatic Club for hosting this session.

For her part, Mrs. Mona Ashkanani, the General Manager of Qatar Cancer Society, gave a speech in which she thanked the Qatari Businesswomen Association for this session and its role in raising health awareness and encouraging women to follow a healthy diet and exercise, urging them to perform a periodic radiological examination due to its contribution to the discovery of cancer in the early stages and thus increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment process.

Mrs. Mona also emphasized that Qatar Cancer Society seeks to spread awareness of cancer and activate national cancer control programs as a joint responsibility between the various charitable, private and governmental sectors. QCS has been organizing such events that aim at encouraging the early detection as a main pillar in prevention and treatment and instill the spirit of Hope and optimism towards cancer and the ability to fight it, in addition to activating the community’s role in providing the necessary financial and moral support to cancer patients, supporting, empowering and advocating for people living with the disease, and developing professional and scientific research in the field of cancer.

Mrs. Anika Musa, spouse of the South African Ambassador to Qatar and Head of SOHOM, also gave a speech in which she thanked the Qatari Businesswomen Association and the Qatar Cancer Society for making SOHOM part of this initiative that aims at raising awareness of cancer and encourage women to follow a healthy lifestyle and develop ways to prevent it. She also added “One of the most important rights for all women all over the world, is the right to enjoy good health. Women are prone to certain diseases and need to take quick steps in the right direction.” She continued her speech by calling on women to think positively, especially as this disease affected the lives of everyone in one way or another. Adding “We are also pleased to work together hand in hand to spread awareness of the importance of early detection by conducting periodic examinations and adopting healthy lifestyles to combat breast cancer”. Mrs. Musa concluded her speech “the pain you feel today, is your source of strength for tomorrow”.

Dr. Artefaa Al Shamari also gave a detailed presentation on breast cancer, methods of prevention and available treatments, and answered questions from the attendees who interacted with the valuable information provided by her.

Mrs. Aisha Al Tamimi and Mrs. Shaikha Al Manai also shared their experience with breast cancer and how they dealt with it and survived it by having the belief and the patience and the right medical treatments, and they urged the guests to do the periodic screening as a meu

At the end of the meeting, Qatar Cancer Society presented QCS shield to QBWA, in appreciation of its contribution to raising awareness of breast cancer. For their part, all participants valued the continuous efforts of Qatar Cancer Society and the support it provides to patients and their families, wishing everyone health and wellness.

It is worth mentioning that the launch of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month was launched in 1985 by the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, with the aim of spreading awareness about breast cancer and encouraging mammography and other types of early detection as one of the most effective means to preserve a woman’s life.