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About QBWA

The Qatari Businesswomen Association (QBWA) is an independent non-profit operating under the Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA). Guided by H.E Sheikha Al Anood Bint Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani as Chairwoman, and Mrs. Aisha Hussein Alfardan as Vice Chairwoman, QBWA empowers women professionals, fostering their economic participation in alignment with Qatar National Vision 2030. Our impactful initiatives, such as the 100 Qatari Women and the Qatar International Businesswomen Forum, champion women’s empowerment, enhancing their societal and economic roles.

It’s beyond business; it’s about contributing to Qatar’s progress.


To empower women in business and unlock the potential of future generations, supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030.



To be a leading force in promoting active economic participation of women, benefiting society at large and contributing to Qatar’s growth.

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A dynamic force in the world of business, Aisha Alfardan serves as the Vice Chairwoman of QBWA. Advocating for the empowerment of women, she has dedicated her role to nurturing an inclusive economic landscape in Qatar.

Her impact is recognized far beyond Qatar’s borders, as she was ranked 24th on Forbes’ list of the 50 Most Powerful Businesswomen in the Arab World. Committed to fostering the next generation of female leaders, Alfardan’s work at QBWA is an embodiment of her unwavering dedication to progress and women’s advancement.

We are supported by Qatar's elite business community

QBWA is the Businesswomen Association in Qatar working under the umbrella of Qatar Businessmen Association


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Navigating Challenges

Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to navigate the complex challenges of the modern business landscape

Resource sharing

Utilize a treasure of curated resources that empower you to excel in your business endeavors.

Social Impact

Make a difference through social responsibility programs aimed at improving communities.

Expert Mentoring

Receive guidance from industry leaders and seasoned professionals.

Tailored Programs

Benefit from personalized development programs that are designed to cater to your unique needs and aspirations.

Women-Led Change

Women-Led Change: Take pride and partake in the growing movement of Qatari businesswomen who are driving social change through generous contributions and groundbreaking charitable projects.

There's a lot happening

100 Qatari Women

An initiative to highlight the stories of 100 Qatari women who have played a key role in their various fields of work and activity

QBWA Connect

Linking businesswomen in Qatar with the broader business community through various functions and activities

QBWA Takreem Awards

QBWA’s Takreem Awards celebrate and recognize outstanding achievements by Qatari women across diverse fields


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As we navigate a new era of women leadership, we have so much to be proud of

Women Empowered

Through our intiatives,mentoring and trainings

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including local and international conferences

A welcoming, inclusive and empowering environment

It’s a growing family, and all members enjoy a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where every voice is cherished 


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, QBWA membership is not limited to Qatari nationals. It extends a warm welcome to all women engaged in business and professional activities in Qatar, regardless of nationality. Whether you are a Qatari national or an expatriate who calls Qatar home, QBWA is a place for you to connect, grow, and contribute to the business community.

No, QBWA is not exclusively for business owners. It welcomes a diverse range of women including established business owners, professionals in various fields, entrepreneurs, and those who are just beginning their careers. QBWA aims to provide a supportive platform for all women engaged in or aspiring to be part of the business community.

QBWA stands out due to our exclusive focus on empowering women in business. We are under the patronage of leading business figures and work under the umbrella of the Qatari Businessmen Association. Our wide range of resources, coupled with unique initiatives like the “100 Qatari Women”, deliver distinctive opportunities for growth, visibility, and networking. Moreover, the association connects members to a diverse, influential network of businesswomen and professionals, providing an invaluable platform for collaboration and innovation.

No, QBWA is a non-profit organization. It is dedicated to empowering businesswomen by providing resources, support, and networking opportunities without any commercial agenda. The primary focus is on serving the interests of its members and contributing positively to the broader community.

Navigating a New Era” is a theme that reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of the business landscape in Qatar and beyond. It signifies the importance of adaptability, visionary thinking, and leadership as key navigational tools for businesswomen to successfully steer through the changes and opportunities of this modern era. QBWA aims to be the compass and anchor for women, providing the support, resources, and network needed to embrace the currents of opportunity and chart a successful course in this new era of business.

QBWA acts as a platform for businesswomen to connect, collaborate, and support each other. It offers a variety of networking events, workshops, mentorship programs, and resources that are designed to facilitate professional development, business exposure, and the forging of meaningful relationships among its members.

While we deeply value each member’s participation, membership is not free. Members are required to contribute a nominal annual fee of QR5000. This fee aids in covering our operational expenses and supports the various programs we offer.

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